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Gray is pleased to participate in the 2021 edition of Art Basel at Messe Basel in Basel, Switzerland, presenting in the fair’s Galleries and Unlimited sectors. For Art Basel Unlimited, Gray debuts an immersive installation of David Hockney’s photographic drawing Pictures at an Exhibition, 2018-2021, printed in life-size scale for the first time.

Throughout his long career, David Hockney has embraced new technologies with the aim of opening up temporal, spatial, and perspectival capabilities. Never content to rely on the construct of one-point perspective, Hockney has employed the Polaroid camera, Xerox, fax machine, Photoshop, and the iPhone and iPad in pursuit of expanding the visual experience. Most recently Hockney developed ‘photographic drawing’ by combining three-dimensional photography and modeling software.

Beyond the technological achievement of its production in life-size scale, Pictures at an Exhibition is a meditation on the act of viewing art and the passage of time: it defies conventional pictorial space and narrative, communicating three-dimensional space and time upon a two-dimensional picture field.


Art Basel Unlimited takes place at:

Messe Basel
Messeplatz 10 
4058 Basel