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Suzanne Caporael
Suzanne Caporael
Suzanne Caporael

June 5 - July 30, 1998

"When I want to think about something, I paint it." - Suzanne Caporael

With her insatiable appetite for knowledge, The Elements of Pigment continues Caporael's examination of physics and chemistry. Always eager to dissect the complex world around her, these new paintings evolve from the artist's recent exploration of the Periodic Table of Elements. With this new body of work Caporael probes deeper into the chemical elements present in the colors she uses. She enhances this exploration with a parallel focus on another passion-- poetry. These two pursuits are fused as the artist chooses stanza shapes from favorite poems by writers such as Dylan Thomas and Raymond Carver to embody the pigments. The result is a powerful manifestation of her scientific and literary research displayed with forms of rich solid color.

Featured Works

245 (Cadmium Red), 1997
251 (Green Earth: Fe, Mg, Al, K), 1997
252 (Green Earth), 1997
274 (Yellow Ochre: O, Fe, H), 1998
275 (Yellow Ochre), 1998
281 Sepia (Carbon), 1998
283 Graphite (Carbon), 1998