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Art & Activism: Human Rights Watch and Frieze present Ai Weiwei and Shirin Neshat

This year Frieze New York is partnering with one of the world’s most impactful organization: Human Rights Watch. As part of the partnership, we are co-presenting two very special discussions about art and activism. Firstly, Ai Weiwei is in conversation with Ken Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch and secondly Shirin Neshat with curator Ed Schad. Ai Weiwei and Ken Roth's talk will be shown on from 10am BST on Thursday 7 May while Shirin Neshat and Ed Schad's talk will follow on Tuesday 12 May from 10am BST. Also, as part of Frieze Viewing Room’s Frieze New York 2020 Edition, a number of works are generously being sold by participating galleries Rhona Hoffman, Lelong Galleries, Gagosian Gallery and Peres Gallery to support the essential work of Human Rights Watch. 

Why Human Rights Watch needs your support
‘The current pandemic has demonstrated that our own health and our own rights are only as strong as those of the person standing next to us. In these ways, COVID-19’s rapid spread reminds us of our global connectedness and shared responsibility for each other. Now more than ever, we must collectively demand equal access to healthcare, adequate information from our governments, and the right to be treated with dignity. With your help, we are joining together to lift up the rights of everyone in our communities and around the world.  With this partnership we seek to raise funds for Human Rights Watch’s work on COVID-19 in detention facilities, work on migrants and women’s rights. Your support for this would be tremendously impactful. Thank you.’ Paul Gray, Board Member, Human Rights Watch

Special thanks to Paul and De Gray, Rhona Hoffman, Lelong Galleries, Gagosian Gallery and Peres Gallery.