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Jan Tichy awarded 2010 Nathan Gottesdiener Prize

Image from Jan Tichy, Installation No.13, 2011. Israeli Museum, Jerusalem.

Suzanne Landau, judge for the Nathan Gottesdiener Prize, remarks on her selection of Jan Tichy:

"In a relatively short time Jan Tichy has created a unified and coherent body of work. In his installations he makes use of fragile, delicate sculptural materials such as paper and porcelain in combination with complex projections of video films. The power of his work stems from a number of components: his preoccupation with light, which is closely connected with the history of art; his adaptation of the modernist grid and references to architecture; the way in which he treats paper, which is related to the Czech tradition of making paper models; his predilection for a restrained black-and-white palette; and his use of means of projection which draw from photography and turn it, in an ingenious way, into a 3-dimensional creation occurring in time. Indeed, time is a central component in Tichy’s work. It functions almost as a “material” with which Tichy plays, slowing it down, examining and investigating it, sometimes creating a meditative experience and sometimes generating tense anticipation on the part of the viewer.

Yet Tichy’s work is also well-anchored in his own time and place from the point of view of the political space in which he works. In his refined way and minimalist language, he reacts, reveals, and criticizes mechanisms of control and command, deception and concealment."