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Kunstmuseum Luzern

Four Flowers in Still Life, 1990, Lithograph on paper, 135 inches x 208 inches (53.2 x 81.8 cm)

The focus is always moving in the work of David Hockney (*1937). Great Britain’s greatest living artist does not allow himself to be defined by one particular style and, irrespective of the medium is constantly reinventing himself. His paintings are meticulously naturalist, then again completely abstract, and more recently, he paints with a preference for the iPad.

The retrospective at the Kunstmuseum Luzern is the first comprehensive exhibition of Hockney’s works in Switzerland, presenting works from 1954 to 2018. The exhibition includes his experimental early works, his famous pool paintings and double portraits, playful photographic works, and his more recent landscapes, both in acrylic and as digital animations. A highlight is the monumental landscape Bigger Trees Near Warter Or / Ou Peinture Sur Le Motif Pour Le Nouvel Age Post-Photographique (2007), consisting of 50 canvases and measuring more than 12 meters.

For this exhibition, the Tate has granted access to its treasure chamber: on show will be several of their outstanding works complemented by important works on loan from third parties.