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Lubeznik Center for the Arts

Considering how place and loss affect us all, artists included in Lost and Looking use memory as a device to confront the reality of our pasts, and imagination as a device to confront the reality of our futures. While places from our personal and collective histories help define us, memory and imagination remain fluid and ever changing in the mind’s eye. These artists explore how true or fictionalized memories can be, how accurate or inaccurate recorded history truly is, and how all of these abstract qualities inform our futures. Searching for and finding our place—both spiritually and physically—often directs an entire life’s meaning. This ever-shifting landscape—be it personal, collective, or historical—drives these artists in their quest for higher meaning.

Exhibiting Artists: Gertrude Abercrombie, Theaster Gates, Amy Honchell, Kelly Kristin Jones, Labor Camp, Suzanne Cohan Lange & Rick Lange, Bobbi Meier, Robyn O'Neil, Rodney PassÄ—, Nina Rizzo, Alison Ruttan.