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McArthur Binion White:Work

Installation Image, McArthur Binion White:Work at Massimo De Carlo

Massimo De Carlo presents White:Work, a new exhibition by McArthur Binion in its London gallery. Throughout his fifty-year practice of assemblage painting, Binion has continually defied classification. Binion's complex practice incorporates personal memories with historical recollection bound by his experience. His technique, layering paint and personal memorabilia onto the surface of the work imbues it with a deep resonance. In his show at Massimo De Carlo, Binion presents a new series of work, predominantly whitewashed (in the most literal sense), using gestures from the artist’s canon. 


White:Work presents itself as a muted journey, embodying the essence of Binion’s practice: deeply personal, obsessively layered history under the exhaustive physical processes inherent in his grids of white and off-white tones. Binion’s work speaks a language of subtlety and sophistication, that has matured to a fluency and eloquence that speaks through weightily textured patterns and a post-minimal allure.