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Evelyn Statsinger: Forest Rhythms


"Because of her resistance to labeling, she was respected as an artist's artist, someone without compromise."
- Daniel Schulman

In a special online viewing room, Gray presents a selection of Evelyn Statsinger’s abstract paintings from the 1980’s and 90’s in which sinuous bands of vibrating color and texture translate the mysterious rhythms of the natural world.

Evelyn Statsinger (1927-2016) initially rose to prominence with her early drawings: endlessly detailed works on paper that caught the attention of luminaries and curators in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Early exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1952 and 1957 and the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1954 led Time Magazine to call her “an honored one among American abstractionists” while lauding her “great mastery of textural effects.” She was frequently included in discussions of the Monster Roster school of Chicago artists, as well as the later, broader conversation around Chicago Imagism. Throughout her life, however, Statsinger made work that was profoundly individual and fiercely independent.

Visit the online viewing room here.