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On the occasion of the exhibition McArthur Binion and Jules Allen: Me and You at GRAY, the artists converse about their shared history and friendship. In this lively dialogue, Binion and Allen discuss their visual and musical influences, meeting in what Binion calls "the second-generation Black avant-garde" of 1980s New York City, and the singular practice each artist developed through a life-long dedication to his respective medium.


McArthur Binion & Jules Allen: Me and You is a two-person exhibition featuring eleven new paintings by McArthur Binion and a survey of gelatin silver prints by New York-based photographer Jules Allen. Me and You commemorates a forty-year dialogue between the two artists, whose mutual admiration originated in the Black avant-garde of 1980s New York City. Absorbing visual, musical, and poetic influences throughout their careers, both artists pair visual clarity and formal rigor with deeply psychological and emotional content.